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Join us for the Apache Park Neighborhood Plan’s Open House this Wednesday, August 13th at 6:00 PM!

Open House, August 13

Únase con nosotros para la Reunión Publica del Plan del Vecindario del Parque Apache este Miércoles, 13 de Agosto a las 6:00 PM!

Reunión Publica, Agosto 13


Des Plaines plans $400,000 of improvements at Apache Park | Des Plaines planea para $400,000 de mejoramientos en el Parque Apache

Daily Herald Article | 5.23.14
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Apache ParkAs reported in the Daily Herald, Des Plaines is planning $400,000 in improvements to Apache Park and the surrounding neighborhood. Officials say the improvements are part of an effort to improve the safety and well-being of the neighborhood.  City aldermen and park board commissioners this week unanimously endorsed a grant application for state funds that would help fund the Apache Park project.

“I think it’s really going to change the whole atmosphere in the park and it’s going to draw people to the park and make it a destination, which I don’t think it’s ever been,” said 5th Ward Alderman Jim Brookman, whose ward includes the Apache Park neighborhood.

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Apache Park Neighborhood Plan Adopted | Plan del Vecindario del Parque Apache Adoptado

Rendering: Proposed playlot at St. Stephen Catholic Church

In an unanimous vote, the City of Council adopted the Apache Park Neighborhood Plan by resolution.   By the same measure, the Council pledged support toward a grant application to the Illinois Open Space Land Acquisition Development program, providing a $100,000 match from the City’s Community Development Block Grant toward the $400,000 renovation of the park.   The Des Plaines Park District is closely partnering with the City and will also provide $100,000 toward the grant if the application is successful.  The Park renovation, a centerpiece of the neighborhood plan, will provide a number of recreational features to attract residents from throughout the community, from a splash pad to a new soccer field to garden areas, fitness equipment, and a walking/jogging/biking path.


Rendering of proposed play lot at St. Stephen Catholic Church

The plan lays out a range of strategies, from improving lighting, sidewalks, and residential properties to working with local schools and churches to provide additional recreational and educational programming.

Click here for a link to the final plan.


En un voto unánimo, la Ciudad de Des Plaines aprobó el Plan del Vecindario del Parque Apache por resolución. El Consejo de la Ciudad comprometió apoyar la solicitud de una subvención del programa Illinois Open Space Land Acquisition Development, proporcionando un partido de $100,000 del Community Block Grant de la Ciudad hacia la renovación de $400,000 del parque. El distrito de parques de Des Plaines trabajara con la Ciudad y también proporcionará $100,000 hacia la concesión si la solicitud es aceptada. La renovación del parque, una pieza central del plan de vecindario, proporcionará un número de características recreacionales para atraer a los residentes de toda la comunidad. Tendra un nuevo campo de fútbol, un juego de agua para niños pequeños, un camino para caminar/correr/andar en bicicleta, gimnasios y áreas ajardinadas.

El plan establece una serie de estrategias, desde mejorando la iluminación, aceras y propiedades residenciales, a trabajando con las escuelas y iglesias para proporcionar servicios adicionales de recreación y educación.

Haga clic aquí para el Plan Final.

Steering Committee Recommends Plan | Comité Recomienda el Plan

By unanimous vote on April 9, 2014, the Apache Park Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee approved the plan and recommended it for adoption by the City of Des Plaines City Council.   Discussion at the meeting focused on input received at the prior public meetings, especially how to improve property maintenance, make improvements to Apache Park, seek funding for after-school programs for youth, and continue the dialogue and communication that has been driving the development of the plan.

The plan will be submitted to the City Council with the intention of passing a resolution in support of the plan.  Meanwhile, implementation will begin, with the intent of the City of Des Plaines and the Des Plaines Park District seeking funding to make improvements to Apache Park through pursuing grant opportunities.  Residents and City officials on the Steering Committee also expressed interest in ways to improve property maintenance by encouraging property owners to make repairs to their properties.   Recommendations in the plan also call for lighting, pedestrian crossings, and traffic calming measures that can be implemented as a part of capital improvement projects that take place in the neighborhood.

For more information see minutes from the meeting here  and the most up-to-date draft of the plan here.

Review the 2nd Public Meeting | Revise la 2ª Reunión Pública

Did you miss the 2nd Public Meeting on the Apache Park Neighborhood Plan?  If so, please review the meeting’s presentation below.  For any feedback or questions, please visit the Comment page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

2nd Public Meeting Presentation (January 15, 2014)

You can also check out “Apache Park residents urged to band together for clout,” by Bob Chiarito in the Trib Local

“Residents near Apache Park have learned of plans to install an adventure play area, community gardens and soccer and baseball fields, among other improvements…”,0,5464931.story


¿Te perdiste la 2ª Reunión Pública sobre el Plan del Vecindario del Parque Apache? Si fue así, por favor revise la presentacion de la reunión debajo. Para cualquier comentario o pregunta, por favor visite la página de Comentarios. Queremos oír de usted!

Presentacion  de la 2ª Reunión Pública (Enero 15, 2014)

También puedes revisar “Apache Park residents urged to band together for clout,” por Bob Chiarito en el Trib Local

“Residents near Apache Park have learned of plans to install an adventure play area, community gardens and soccer and baseball fields, among other improvements…”

(Photo Credit: Bob Chiarito, Special to the Tribune / January 18, 2014)

Review Recent Documents and Come to Next Public Meeting

Please take a look through the Apache Park Existing Conditions Report and Strategies Chapter posted on the Documents page.  The Existing Conditions Report highlights demographics, market needs, land uses, and issues and opportunities to improve the neighborhood.  The draft Strategies Chapter lays out an initial set of ideas for community building, improvements to Apache Park, housing stabilization, and physical improvements to make the area more walkable, bikable, and safe.  Please review the documents and post your ideas through the Comments feature on the left side of this page or through email at

The next public meeting will be on Wednesday, January 15 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN CHURCH, 1177 Howard Ave, Des Plaines, IL

Por favor, lea el Reporte de las Condiciones Existentes del Parque Apache y el Reporte de Estrategias publicados en la Página de Documentos. El Reporte de las Condiciones Existentes tiene información sobre la demografía del area, las necesidades del mercado, usos de la tierra y problemas y oportunidades para mejorar el vecindario. El Reporte de Estrategias tiene ideas iniciales para fortalecer la comunidad, mejorar el Parque Apache, estabilizar casos de vivienda y mejorar aspectos físicos de la comunidad como la seguridad y mejorando las calles para los peatones. Por favor, revise los documentos y publique sus ideas a través de la Función de Comentarios a la izquierda de esta página o a través del correo electrónico

La próxima reunión pública será el Miércoles, 15 de Enero de 6:30-8:00 p.m. en GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN CHURCH, 1177 Howard Ave, Des Plaines, IL


1.  Project News: Over 50 people attended the 1st Public Meeting on Thursday September 26th, where Apache Park residents worked together to outline their initial visions and goals for their neighborhood.  There are still opportunities to get involved!  Take the survey, download the project app, and check back for future meeting dates!

Noticias del Proyecto: Más de 50 personas asistieron la primera Reunión Pública el Jueves 26 de Septiembre, donde los residentes de Apache trabajaron juntos para delinear sus visiones iniciales y los objetivos de su vecindario. Todavía hay oportunidades para involucrarse! Participe en la encuesta, descargue la aplicación del proyecto y visiten la pagina mas tarde para fechas de futuras reuniones. 

2.  Take the Survey  | Tome La Enquesta!

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3.  Download the Apache Park Neighborhood Plan App
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Join us for the 1st Public Meeting!

Please join us for the first Public Informational Meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 26th at St. Stephen Church, 1280 Prospect Avenue in the gymnasium.

Check out “Progress on Apache Park Plan,” by Tim O’Connor in the Des Plaines Journal

“Plans to make the Apache Park neighborhood safer have sparked talk of a community meeting next month. The City of Des Plaines is working with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) to tackle crime problems in the neighborhood…”

Welcome! ¡Bienvenido!

Welcome to the Apache Park Neighborhood Plan project website. The Apache Park neighborhood is located in the southeastern portion of the City of Des Plaines.  Click here to learn more about the plan’s purpose, neighborhood boundaries,  and what “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)” is. Your participation is crucial to creating a great plan that works for your community. Be sure to click the “Follow” button in the sidebar to receive instant updates of new posts and upcoming workshops via email.


Bienvenido a la página web para el Plan del Vecindario del Parque Apache.  El Vecindario del Parque Apache esta ubicado en el sureste de la Ciudad de Des Plaines.  Presione la conexión para aprender más sobre el proposito del plan, los límites del vecindario, y “Diseñando el Medio Ambiente para Prevenir el Crimen” (CPTED, por sus siglas en inglés).  Su participación es necesaria para crear un plan que sirve para su comunidad.  Asegúrese de presionar el botón “Sigue” para recibir notificaciones instantes de entradas nuevas y los próximos talleres por correo electrónico.