Steering Committee Recommends Plan | Comité Recomienda el Plan

By unanimous vote on April 9, 2014, the Apache Park Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee approved the plan and recommended it for adoption by the City of Des Plaines City Council.   Discussion at the meeting focused on input received at the prior public meetings, especially how to improve property maintenance, make improvements to Apache Park, seek funding for after-school programs for youth, and continue the dialogue and communication that has been driving the development of the plan.

The plan will be submitted to the City Council with the intention of passing a resolution in support of the plan.  Meanwhile, implementation will begin, with the intent of the City of Des Plaines and the Des Plaines Park District seeking funding to make improvements to Apache Park through pursuing grant opportunities.  Residents and City officials on the Steering Committee also expressed interest in ways to improve property maintenance by encouraging property owners to make repairs to their properties.   Recommendations in the plan also call for lighting, pedestrian crossings, and traffic calming measures that can be implemented as a part of capital improvement projects that take place in the neighborhood.

For more information see minutes from the meeting here  and the most up-to-date draft of the plan here.


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